Another day and another year without a budget.  Yesterday marked the third year in a row that Washington has gone without a budget. And while Washington not passing a budget isn’t anything new, it does show the lack of commitment our elected leaders have to fiscal responsibility.  We are nearly $16 trillion dollars in debt – an increase of 47% since President Obama took office.  Last year, 33 cents of every dollar was borrowed.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like the fiscal and economic future of this country is at risk. Just look at Greece.  I want the America I grew up in (80s & 90s).  The America that had economic growth. The America that didn’t get in the way of businesses doing business.  The America that wouldn’t even fathom telling a farm kid, like myself, what I could and could not do on the farm.  It’s time Washington get back to the basics.  They should worry about their most basic responsibility – budgeting and appropriating in a fiscally concerned matter.

The absence of the budget today, reminded me of an old favorite commercial, “Where’s the beef?”

Where’s the budget? Washington needs more substance and less rhetoric.


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